Mike visited Belize a few weeks ago to meet with the executive committee of the Presbytery in Belize, to discuss and determine where we will live and work. The decision has not been made yet, however, we believe it is leaning heavily in the direction of Belize City. As soon as we know, you all will know :) Also, while there, Mike conducted a seminar for the youth and church leadership that was very well attended. Garry estimated about 100 people there, including every ordained ruling and teaching elder in the presbytery. Mike was able to preach and teach for several hours on interpersonal relationships and how the reflect our relationship with God. The reports we've received have been positive and encouraging, and that God used this time to work on the hearts of many. During his visit, Mike had a chance to fellowship with the team- the Chambers, the Bigelows, and Amber, as well as meet a new member of the team, Lauren. Lauren is a college student taking a semester off to serve an internship with MTW in Belize. She helps with a young girls bible study and a basketball ministry, as well as other tasks around the clinic. She has become a good friend and we are thankful for God's providence in our meeting. Please continue to pray for the team, and for us, as we keep working on support to get to the field.